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Welcome to TLX Gold the 2 in 1 Insulating Breather Membrane. In just a few steps this unique product improves the thermal value of your roof without a risk of condensation and with little or no change to the roof height.

TLX Gold has been designed for today’s roofer. Whether it’s a roof refurbishment or new build project it improves thermal performance and eliminates the risk of condensation, it vents moisture like a breather membrane and yet insulates like non-breathable PIR board. TLX Gold is Sd intelligent (the more moisture, the more it breathes) which is why there’s no condensation risk, even without a vapour barrier.

TLX Gold has now been used in over 15,000 roofs in the UK and is with a European Technical Approval and endorsed by LABC.

TLX Gold comes with a product performance guarantee, is fast to fit, and many solutions do not need to remove existing insulation. We will provide you with solutions that have a guaranteed U-value, condensation risk and an estimate of payback calculations.

If you don’t find what you need please call our helpline. We regularly work with architects and Building Control to design bespoke solutions for difficult-to-insulate properties.

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Case Studies

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